We offer all services in exterior design , GA development, interior space engineering and circulation concepts, interior design and artistic mentoring, project management and consultancy.

Founded in 2012, SWASH is a yacht design and management studio based in Hamburg/Germany. Our team members have a strong background in the yachting field and have worked on new build projects ranging from 30-160m, such as S.Y. "A", S.Y. Aquijo, M.Y. Solange, M.Y. I Dynasty, R.V. Falkor, as well as various large refit projects. For more than 15 years we have been working closely with both established companies and up-and-coming talented individuals, including naval architects, interior decorators, carpenters, craftsmen and artists. 
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SWASH is defined in geography as a turbulent layer of water from a breaking wave that washes up on the beach. The uprush brings important nutritious material from the sea, while the backwash cleans all traces away from the sand.
SWASH is therefore our design approach to every task and challenge: Embracing a maximum uprush of ideas, inspirations and framework information, while the backwash filters and refines, in anticipation of the next uprush which allows us to continuously optimize and achieve the desired results.

2014 97m Refit (Interior Management)
2014 74m New Build (Net Space)
2014 113m Concept (Design)
2015 120m Project (GAP Development)
2015 92m Refit (Interior Management)
2015 112m New Build (Net Space)
2015 101m New Build (Interior Management)
2015 122m Concept (Design)
2016 93m New Build (GAP Development)
2017 115m Refit (Interior Management)
2017 75m Concept (Exterior Design/ GAP Development)
2018 37m Concept (Exterior and Interior Design Development)
2018 62m New Build (Interior Management/Net Space)
2019 25m New Build Fuel Cell Boat (Exterior and Interior Design)
2020 142m New Build (Interior Management OR team)
2020 54m Conversion Yacht (GAP Development / Exterior Design)
2020 46m Conversion Yacht (Interior Management / Interior Design)
2020 22m Conversion Yacht (Exterior Design / Interior Design / Management)
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